Ready for crisis in Ukraine and Israel. Your gift will support Jews facing danger and trauma in the wake of war and terrorism. Ready for crisis in Ukraine and Israel. Your gift will support Jews facing danger and trauma in the wake of war and terrorism.

Europe is facing the most devastating war and refugee crisis since WWII. The world’s most vulnerable Jewish communities—the hundreds of thousands of Jews who live in Ukraine and Russia—are at grave risk. In Ukraine, war has destroyed lives, torn apart families, driven millions to seek refuge in bordering countries, and left millions more struggling to survive. In Russia, economic turmoil, growing isolation, and state repression has devastated the population— causing a growing number to flee.

UJA’s Annual Campaign has long invested in a “global Jewish 911” that enabled us to make a big impact for the Jews of Ukraine from the very beginning. Our support for the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee and the Jewish Agency enabled us to provide aid inside

Ukraine (including food, medicine, supplies, and evacuation), in the bordering countries where refugees have gathered (including accommodations, food, and medical and psychological care), and in Israel through Aliyah (immigration) processing, air lifts, and resettlement. So too, our investment in Jewish Immigrant Aid Services is helping Jews who have arrived from Ukraine to build a new life in the Greater Toronto Area.



We have been able to support this urgent rescue effort thanks to UJA’s Annual Campaign donors, as well as those who have donated to UJA’s Ukraine Emergency Relief Fund to bolster our response. But this challenge will last far beyond the immediate crisis—and we must sustain our support in the months and years ahead. Thanks to Israel’s existence and our global Jewish 911, the Jews of the region have multiple paths to freedom, be it in Israel, in Canada, or in rebuilt communities in Eastern Europe. Whatever path a Jew in Eastern Europe chooses, we will be there to help secure their freedom through UJA’s Annual Campaign investments.

A strong and thriving Israel is at the heart of Jewish freedom today. But freedom in its fullest means living in security and peace. Freedom means sending your child to school on a bus without worrying it may explode and putting your child to bed without worrying that a rocket may strike in the night. The 2021 wave of Hamas rocket attacks on Israel, and the more recent spike of terror attacks in the heart of Israel’s cities, is a painful reminder that the freedom of the people of Israel is under renewed attack.

Through the Annual Campaign, UJA will continue supporting the people of Israel as they overcome these threats and build an even brighter future. This includes providing aid to victims of terror, investing in mental health and community resilience in Sderot on the Gaza border, and funding advocacy to share the truth about Israel with our fellow Canadians.